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- Injection units with modular design, which can be combined inde-pendently as required.
- Advanced double-layer injection structure, which greatly improves the injection precision and the stability of hot melt adhesive.
- High-precision linear guide, which allows faster and more accurate injection start.
- Superior injection speed and pressure, which yield broader product adaptability.
- High-performance screw design, which helps achieve fast ejection, adapting to the injection molding requirements of thin-walled prod-ucts.
- Rotatable injection table arrangement, which allows easy screw and barrel replacement.
- Double-injection tensioning structure of the injection table, favorable cylinder alignment, and powerful locking force.
- Three bearings to highly improve the injection precision and the sta-bility of hot melt adhesive.
- Optional high-speed injection structure with double ejector rods.
  • JY-1300

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GRAND teamed up with the world's top design teams to invest heavily in creating the JY series of new high-end injection molding equipment.With advanced design concepts, it perfectly combines HANVOS Group's more than 20 years of technological accumulation and world-leading industrial design.

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